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Heating System

Filtration and oxygen removal

Backwash Filter with Integrated Venting System
Physical impuritiies as well as oxygen create detrimental and negative conditions in heating closed-loop systems which results in the malfunction and break-down of pipes, fittings, valves regulators, pumps, controls, boilers and other mechanical equipment by increasing wear and tear, corrosion and sludge build-up.

The consequences of these impurities not only reduce the life expectancy of the overall heating system components but they also decrease the efficiency of your boiler by coating the heat transfer elements, thus requiring more energy to radiate the required temperature.

The solution
The JUDO HEIFI-TOP filters-out all coarse and fine-grained physical impurities down to approximately 15 micron, as well as, removing unwanted oxygen via an integrated automatic air-venting device with air scrubbers without the use of additional chemicals.

Backwash Filter for the Heating System from JUDO:

HEIFi-TOP Rückspülfilter

available in sizes ¾" (20 mm) to 2" (52 mm)

Flow rate from 8.5 gpm to 35 gpm, max. operating pressure 150 psi.

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