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Heating and Cooling Systems

Sludge, Dirt and Air Separator

Iron sludge also known as Magnetite create detrimental and negative conditions in heating and cooling closed-loop systems which directly results in the malfunction and break-down of pipes, fittings, valves, regulators, pumps, controls, boilers and other mechanical equipment by drastically increasing wear and tear, corrosion and sludge built-up.

The consequences of Iron Sludge impurities, over the years, has proven without a doubt not only to have a great negative impact on mechanical equipment components but it also dilutes the chemical water treatment program of your system, rendering it less effective. Iron Sludge also significantly decreases the efficiency of your boilers by coating the heat transfer elements, thus requiring more energy to radiate and maintain the required temperatures.

A Closed-Loop system with its intrinsic/circulation sludge-free water/fluid maintains its ability to radiate temperatures for longer periods of time, thus resulting in the use of less energy.

The solution
The JUDO FERROCLEAN traps and retains all magnetite Iron Sludge by the use of special high-performance earth magnet rod assemblies incased in protective sleeves. The Iron Sludge is the removed from the JUDO FERROCLEAN Sludge Separator by simply performing a periodic Wash-Down / Rinse-Out flushing procedure.

Sludge, Dirt and Air Separator from JUDO:


available in sizes 2½" (65 mm) to 8" (200 mm)

Flow rate from 52 gpm to 572 gpm, max. operating pressure 150 psi.

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