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Plumbing infrastructure



Cooper Pipe
 Cooper Pipe
3" Copper Pipe –
The way it should look!
 3" Copper Pipe –
Covered with physical impurities*

* These impurities coat the heat transfer elements in domestic water boilers drastically reducing their efficiency and longevity

» protects the longevity of ALL mechanical/plumbing equipment, fixtures & controls
» reduces mechanical/plumbing maintenance costs
» helps optimize energy efficiency
» upholds water conservation
» protects plumbing products that help promote and optain LEED project ratings
» ensures the optimal performance of LEED plumbing & mechanical products
» environmentally Friendly – An integral part of "GREEN" buildings
» results in lower operational costs for building owners, improves occupant comfort and reduces environmental impacts
» minimizes building maintenance repairs
» enhances your bottom line
» works for you 24 hours a day – All year round
» safeguards the quality of our "tap" drinking water

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Plumbing infrastructure

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