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Plumbing infrastructure

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The JUDO PROFI Self-Cleaning Backwash Water Filter and the JUDO PROFIMAT Automatic-Self-Cleaning Backwash Water Filter is a filtration system that is recommended and installed at the Point-Of-Entry of the water supply to your building.

They filter out all coarse and fine-grained physical impurities/particulate from your buildings water supply, flushing them all to the drain automatically.

Available from 3/4" thru 8" pipe sizes, able to handle water flow rates of up to 880 gallons per minute with a minimal pressure loss under 3 PSI.

Available in manual self-cleaning backwash version as well as with fully automatic self-cleaning backwash features comprised of both time backwash settings and pressure differential over-ride backwash settings.

A backwash is initiated based on a time setting (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly), the pressure differential feature overrides the time setting should a backwash cycle be required sooner than the preset time intervals. All this is performed automatically without the interruption to the water supply or filtration process.

Fully Automatic versions are equipped standard with 2 (two) potential-free output dry contact remote transmissions for building automation systems. Including an electronic control system with LED display.

All filters are equipped with a permanent stainless steel filter insert/sieve, standard insert/sieve size 100 micron aperture; also available as 30 micron, 320 micron and 500 micron. They are also equipped standard with a 360 degree clear sight glass, which allows you to view the filtration, soiling and backwash functions.


Simultaneous cleaning of teh sight-glass is performed during each backwash cycle which is completed in approximately 2 minutes.

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Plumbing infrastructure

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