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Who are we?

JUDO Water Treatment

JUDO Water Treatment –
Backed by more than 7 decades of experience

Our company was founded by Chief Engineer Julius Dopslaff in 1936. He was an active member of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and the German Association of the Gas and Water Trade (DVGW). As a result of intensive basic research and cooperation on interregional committees, he ensured that our company today ranks among the top companies in the water treatment industry in Europe. Numerous Euro patents also testify to our company’s leading position. The first fine dosing devices on the European continent, and the world’s very first protective filters, were developed by JUDO. The development of the JUDOMAT DX-2 in 1983 likewise proved to be a worldwide innovation in the field of domestic water softening. The BioBoy, BioBoss and BioQuell water softening systems represent follow-on developments that are once more setting the standards in this arena.

Other products, among them JULiA dosing pumps, PROFi/ PROFiMAT and the SPÜLi backwash protective filter, or our first reverse osmosis unit build in 1974, the first JUDO-Compact-Container drinking water installation delivered in 1976, as well as our first seawater desalination plant by the principle of reverse osmosis, which was put into operation in 1978, continue this proud tradition in product innovation. All of them offer a high degree of convenience, the highest level of operating efficiency, and unfailing reliability.

Experience puts us in the lead
Our success roots in our pioneering and enterprising spirit on one hand, and efficiency and sound quality on the other. Tradition still remains the standard for our day-to-day work: Even today, we still develop and produce all JUDO equipment and systems in-house.

Our company history is characterised by continuous, well founded growth
To meet constantly growing demand, the manufacturing facilities in Winnenden had to be expanded repeatedly. In the mid ’60s we set up an additional modern factory in Backnang-Waldrems that has since been modernized and expanded several times.

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