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How to combat limescale?

The problem

By far the highest proportion of fresh, drinking water used in the modern household is used for washing, baths and showers, water for dishwashers and washing machines and for various cleaning tasks.

For many of these applications, the water is first heated. The heating and/or agitation of hard water cause the formation of limescale. Systems and equipment particularly at risk include:

Boilers, kettles etc.,
» Washing machines and dishwashers,
» Coffee machines, showers, valves,
» All warm water pipes,
» All pipe bends and restricted areas.

The limescale layers greatly restrict the transfer of heat, and lead to a build-up of heat in electrical heating elements. This causes the heating element to overheat until it is irreparably damaged. Even a limescale layer of only 1 mm on the heat exchanger of a hot water boiler causes an increased energy consumption of approx. 12 %.

The optimum solutions

Hardness range 2 + 3 (8 – 21 °dH)
With a dosing pump, the hardness constituents in the water are stabilised up to approx. 15°dKH, i.e. they remain in solution even under heating, and are not deposited on the pipe.

Hardness range 3 + 4 (14 - >21°dH)
In the case of harder waters, the installation of a softening system is recommended. This regulates the water hardness to the ideal value of 8 °dH, i.e. the water becomes noticeably soft, fulfilling all the requirements of a modern household for healthy drinking water, economy and comfort.

Alternative water treatment
In the case of this alternative limescale protection system (BiOSTAT 2000), the composition of the water is not affected. All the constituents remain in the water.
During treatment, seed crystals are formed, to which the excess limescale particles adhere naturally. They can then no longer be deposited on the inner wall of the pipe.

Further information on the subject:

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JUDO BiOSTAT 2000 Alternative limescale protection

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Kalkproblematik an einer PVC Rohrleitung
PVC pipe with limescale
Kalkproblematik an einer Rohrleitung
Limescale deposits in the
Kalkproblematik an einer Rohrleitung
Kalkproblematik am Wasserhahn
Limescale deposits on the

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How to combat limescale?
By far the highest proportion of fresh, drinking water used in the modern household is used for washing, baths and showers, water for dishwashers and washing machines and for various cleaning tasks...
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