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JUDO Swimming Pool Technology for Public Swimming Pools

Hygiene in public swimming pools has reached a high level of safety for bathers over recent years, thanks to research and development. The result of these developments is DIN 19643. This applies to public swimming and bathing pools and for warm water massage pools and whirlpools.
First published in 1984, the standard has been revised several times over recent years, and extended into a whole series of standards. Since April 1997 it comprises the following parts:

DIN 19643-1: General requirements

DIN 19643-2: Process combination: Adsorption, flocculation, filtration, chlorination

DIN 19643-3: Process combination: Flocculation, filtration, ozone, adsorption filtration, chlorination

DIN 19643-4: Process combination: Flocculation, ozone, multi-layer filtration, chlorination

The monitoring of public swimming pools is carried out by the local health authorities. The task of the authorities is to monitor observance of the water quality specified by DIN 19643. The same authorities also check the system equipment. If the system technology falls below the current state of the art, the pool facilities must be modified within a period of 5 years.
With over 65 years experience in the field of water treatment, JUDO has made a significant contribution to improving performance levels.
In addition to the JUDO Libelle range for private swimming pools and whirlpools, JUDO also produces the "Gigant" filter system with accessories of every size, for hotel pools, communal indoor and outdoor swimming pools and public whirlpools.
JUDO offers two process combinations to DIN 19643:

Standard Process A
"Flocculation – Filtration – Chlorination" (k= 0.5 P/m³) to DIN 19643 Part 2

Standard Process B
Equipped with an additional ozone stage (k= 0.6 P/m³) to DIN 19643 Parts 3 and 4

JUDO "Gigant" filter systems
work on the multi-layer filter principle, proven in practice and conforming to the standard, with filtration speeds of max. 30 m/h.

The costs (filter size, space requirement, energy), the technology (easier provision of the necessary flushing water volume, flushing water savings) and the functional quality all confirm the efficiency of this process.

Optimally matched filter materials combine the benefits of volume filtration (reduction of larger contaminating materials while simultaneously avoiding an overly-quick increase in pressure loss) with the advantages of surface filtration (fine quartz sand filters the colloidal contaminants out of the water during the second stage).

The adsorptive properties of the multi-layer filter reduce the unwanted chlorine-addition compounds (the bonded chlorine), creating the right requirements for outstanding water quality with the minimum of disinfectant agents.

JUDO "Gigant" filter systems with lower performances are normally equipped with a precision-manufactured, hand-laminated FRP filter. Larger JUDO "Gigant" filter systems are made of FRP or steel ST 37.2, which are electrically welded, sand-blasted all over, plastic-coated and primed on the outside.

Depending on the usage purpose or the analysis data of the filling water, special synthetic resins or rubber coatings can be applied as the inner coating.

For lower filter performances (up to 40 m³/h), multi-way central control valves are used, either for manual or automatic operation, as required by the customer. Larger JUDO "Gigant" filter systems are equipped with individual valves (intermediate flaps specially developed for swimming pool technology). The operating systems can be designed as required for manual or automatic (usually pneumatically controlled) regulation.

The JUDO "Gigant" accessory range for complementing filter equipment:

» JUDO dosing pump systems (for flocculation, chlorination, pH regulation) in various versions

» JUDO electrical switching units covering all filter and circulation functions (locking, control)

» JUDO pool system components for optimum pool flow, of plastic, stainless steel or bronze

» JUDO plastic compensation containers for pools with overflow channel or accessories for concreted-in compensation containers (designed to DIN 19643)

» JUDO "Gigant" ozone generators for the production of ozone from atmospheric air; with mixing devices (using the injection principle)

» JUDO hypochlorous acid dosing systems (chlorine gas) with manual and automatic controls and switching devices

» JUDO Pool-Controller "Gigant" (automatic measurement and control of dosing systems, registration)

» JUDO floor cleaner for vacuum cleaning the pool floor, in manual or automatic versions

» JUDO testing devices for manual checking of water properties

» JUDO chemicals for flocculation, chlorination and pH-level correction

For the assembly and installation of the systems and pipework assembly according to our installation plans, we recommend the use of local installation firms selected by the customer.

JUDO will be happy to assist you in the planning, whether for renovation of old systems or the planning of new ones; just get in touch with your JUDO project consultant.

JUDO "Gigant" swimming pool technology: Perfection in public swimming pools.

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