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Why water treatment?
Any exercise performed in water for therapeutic purposes should not pose a health risk for the bather. For swimming pools of all types therefore, the water must be crystal-clear and hygienically pure!
The contaminating materials that get into the water through use of the pool and environmental influences must be removed by suitable circuit filtration and flow control (covering all areas of the pool). Disinfection of the water is also essential. Disinfectants successfully used in private swimming pool include halogens, usually chlorine and bromide, which not only kill off germs, but also react with and oxidise other contaminating organic materials. This frequently results in the adverse reputation of chlorine, although this is unjustified, because oxidation of such organic constituents is essential, and also increases the cleaning performance of the filtration system.
The most important feature of water treatment is that high-performance filtration should clean the water naturally to such an extent that the optimum disinfection result can be achieved with the minimum use of chemicals. It is not even the "free chlorine" that is responsible for the often criticised, unpleasant chlorine smell (irritation of the mucous membranes), but rather the large quantity of oxidised organic constituents (chlorine addition products = bonded chlorine).
The quantity of such organic constituents brought into the pool by bathers in private swimming pools, which normally have a low usage level, is quite low in relation to the water volume, so that the filtration performance of a normal fine-sand filter without previous flocculation is quite sufficient in order to keep the quantity of this undesirable "bonded chlorine" within acceptable limits. In case of heavier contamination, a noticeably improved filtration effect can be achieved by the use of the JUDO LIBELLE-MULTI multi-layer filter system. In addition to the greater height of the filter material layers (which increases the time the water remains in the filter bed), this is due above all to the absorbent properties of the filter material itself, which reduce the chlorinated impurities. In case of very high dirt contamination, a filtering aid (flocculation) can be dosed in before the JUDO LIBELLE-MULTI multi-layer filter, which increases the filtration intensity even further; a technique that for many years has been indispensable in heavily used public swimming pools, and is used with great success.

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