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JUDO is the most innovative brand of the year!

Plus X Award success
JUDO is the most innovative brand of the year!

With one iF award, two citations at the Plus X Award and top place in the brand ratings, JUDO has been named the "Most innovative brand of the year in the sanitary field for 2014".

Held in the main hall of the old German parliament in Bonn, the Plus X award night honoured 23 brands in various fields of technology, sport and lifestyle with JUDO taking the stage as this year's winner in its field. The Plus X "Most innovative brand of the year" award was accepted on behalf of the company by their regional general manager, Mr. Dieter Wollgart, putting JUDO in the illustrious company of previous winners such as Philips, Canon and Opel.

Generally speaking, JUDO can look back over a very successful past few months, especially in terms of awards for design and innovation with the fully self-regulating water softener i-soft plus recently receiving an iF product design award.

Hartmut J. Dopslaff, CEO of JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH, sees these awards, above all the "Most innovative brand", as a confirmation of the brand's strategic policies. "We have always placed great value on innovation where it makes the most sense for the installer and for the end user combined. We regard this as being our main market advantage".
And it does not stop here. The company confirms that more innovative ideas are already on the drawing board.

Innovativste Marke im Bereich Sanitär 2014

Innovativste Marke im Bereich Sanitär 2014

Pictures: JUDO's Dieter Wollgardt accepts the award for the company.

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