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Problem-solving for everything to do with water
JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH in Winnenden near Stuttgart is one of the leading companies in the water treatment field.
Here, our staff of 350 develop, manufacture and sell equipment and complete systems for the proper treatment of drinking water and protection of the domestic supply system.
As a partner to trade and industry, JUDO provides technical solutions for everything to do with water for private households, hotels, hospitals, business, industry, communities...

Partnership and proximity to the customer
JUDO works together with the trade and commerce to supply modern and environmentally compatible products at a fair price to benefit its customers.

The following services and facilities are provided as customer support for installers:

» End-customer consultation on site
» Water analysis and quotation service
» Staff training
» Advertising support
» Sales promotion campaigns
» Exhibitions
» Works customer service
and much more.

Continual dialogue with our partners generates satisfaction with the "JUDO" brand – not just in the short term, but permanently.

JUDO Wasseraufberitung
Hohreuschstr. 39-41
D-71364 Winnenden
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JUDO Verwaltung und Vertrieb, Winnenden

JUDO Wasseraufbereitung
Langenbachstr. 15
D-71522 Backnang-Waldrems
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JUDO Produktion und Entwicklung, Backnang-Waldrems

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Why is water treatment necessary?
Water is the basis of all life on Earth, and clean drinking water is particularly important...

How to combat rust and rusty water?
The waterworks supplies hygienically pure drinking water however, on the way from the waterworks, incrustations become dissolved and get into the water pipe. It is also unavoidable that a certain level of contamination occurs to drinking water as a result of work on the public pipeline system. The results are well-known – brown, rusty water, problems with shut-off and control fittings, dripping taps ...
How to combat limescale?
By far the highest proportion of fresh, drinking water used in the modern household is used for washing, baths and showers, water for dishwashers and washing machines and for various cleaning tasks...
Juwelized water?
To be able to enjoy fresh, sparkling spring water is a very attractive idea. The drinking water that comes out of our taps complies with all the legal requirements, but due to its transport through extensive and sometimes old pipework systems, it has lost many of its original properties...