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JUDO is the most innovative brand of the year!

With one iF award, two citations at the Plus X Award and top place in the brand ratings, JUDO has been named the "Most innovative brand of the year in the sanitary field for 2014".

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JUDO ist innovativste Marke im Bereich Sanitär 2014

Filtration –
Small particles, big problems

Korrosionsproblematik an einer Rohrleitung

Damage caused year for year to unprotected water pipes, fittings, fixtures and appliances can run into the thousands. The cause of these problems are often small particles of sand and dirt swept into the installation with the mains water supply.

What happens then? These particles form dangerous electrochemical elements which cause corrosion, rust build-up and even pipe bursts. These particles can also lead to serious damage in your taps, fixtures, fittings and heating elements as well as to home appliances.

The protection of expensive technical equipment, drinking water systems, tapware, and water heaters is generally governed by laws, directives and norms. More importanly, however, is the human health factor which is the reason why most leading hygiene guidelines require clean and particle-free water pipe systems.

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