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How to combat rust and rusty water?

The problem
The waterworks supplies hygienically pure drinking water however, on the way from the waterworks, incrustations become dissolved and get into the water pipe. It is also unavoidable that a certain level of contamination occurs to drinking water as a result of work on the public pipeline system. The results are well-known – brown, rusty water, problems with shut-off and control fittings, dripping taps ... 

Even more serious however is the fact that such contamination forms deposits on the surface of pipes, forming electro-chemical elements, which can ultimately lead to pitting corrosion and rupture of the pipe. This type of corrosion is particularly dangerous because the damage occurs very rapidly, often after only a few months or years. New, bright metallic pipes above all are particularly prone to pitting corrosion.

The optimum solution...

...is a flushable return filter with preventive germ protection. Depending on the requirements, these are available in manual or automatic versions, or with pressure reduction. These filters remove from the water undissolved materials that can lead to technical problems in household water systems.
Such filters are prescribed by DIN in Germany for metal pipes, and are installed in the drinking water system (household water system) immediately after the water meter. The most important criterion in the selection of a protective filter is the DIN-DVGW test symbol.

Further information on the subject:

JUDO PROFi-PLUS 3/4 - 11/4 Zoll 
Backwash Protective Filter

Korrosionsproblematik an einer Rohrleitung
Pipe corrosion
Korrosionsproblematik an einer Rohrleitung
Pipe corrosion
Rostwasser aus dem Wasserhahn
Rusty water

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