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Backwash Protective Filter

PROFI-PLUS ¾" and 1"

DIN-DVGW Produkt
JUDO PROFI-PLUS 3/4 - 11/4 Zoll
JPF+ ¾" and 1"

Application area

JUDO PROFI-PLUS Backwash Protective Filter ¾“ and 1“

The Installation of a Particle Filter on the incoming water main is absolutely essential, indeed in other European Countries, it’s Law. The quantity of Sand, Rust, Dirt and other particles that are brought into our homes every time we turn on a tap, or water using appliance, can only be seen once the filter has been installed. In a matter of day’s the bright shiny surface of the PROFI-PLUS sieve is encrusted in a build up that you only want to forget you have ever drank. This is in the UK!

The Advantages
» Hygienic: Prophylactic anti-germ protection of the patented sieve due to the silver coating
» Clean: Reliable protection against pollution from the mains supply.
» Money-saving: No expensive replacement of filter cartridges.
» Time-saving: Very easy and fast backwashing, under 1 minute.
» Highly efficient: Cleaning by means of the Point-Rotation-System, without interruption to the water supply.
» Intelligent: The unit has a built in 'Memory' to remind you when to conduct the next backwash.
» Safe: Fully DIN-DVGW and CE certified. The PROFI-PLUS exceeds even the most stringent of regulations.
» Made in Germany by JUDO, a company with over 70 years of experience in water treatment technology.

Small Particles, Great Dangers
Every year thousands of unprotected water pipes are destroyed. The reason for it, amongst others, are small particles of rust, sand and dirt,  that enter the property through the water supply. JUDO filters ensure optimal water quality, as required by drinking water regulations.

Unique Silver Sieve
The PROFI-PLUS backwashing protective filter is  equipped with a patented silver coated, stainless steel sieve. This is a prophylactic protection against germs on the sieve. During flow through, all of the water comes into contact with the antibacterial silver coating.

Unique Cleaning System
The silver sieve in the PROFI-PLUS is cleaned in a three point rotation system. Three small jets blast clean filtered water back through the sieve while flushing the residue out through the other side directly into a drain. This is the most advanced system available and is unique to JUDO’s PROFI-PLUS.

Order No.
Model JPF ¾" Order-No. 8010142
Model JPF 1" Order-No. 8010143

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