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Automatic Limescale Protection


DVGW-geprüftCE geprüfte Sicherheit

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Automatic Limescale Protection with No Chemicals or Salts

If you live in a “Hard Water” area you will be only too aware of Limescale build-up. The bad tasting water, the spitting of scale when we iron, the clogged up shower heads. However, few of us stop and think about the other appliances in our homes. When did you last think about what is happening inside your boiler or heating pipes? Have you ever thought how much Gas or Heating Oil you are wasting every day, every year, by heating BOTH the water in your taps, and the water in your radiators, through a barrier of Limescale?

In a study by the Water Quality Research Council, boilers operate 22% - 30% less efficiently when Limescale is present. This is because the Limescale acts as a barrier between the boiling device and the water. It’s not just your boiler though, your washing machine, dish washer, showers in fact EVERY appliance preparing hot water for the household, is affected. Limescale is costing £’s millions every year in wasted Gas, Oil and electricity.

If your car’s efficiency gradually reduced until it was travelling at 10mpg you would do something about it; you would take your car to a garage and ask them to fix the problem. However, in your home exactly the same is happening with your boiler, and yet you blame the problem on rising prices from the utility companies. Ultimately the problem is not the cost of the fuel; it’s the amount of it you are wasting.

The BIOSTAT-COMBIMAT is a complete Limescale hygiene unit which operates without the use of any salts or chemicals. DIN-DVGW* and CE certified, the Biostat not only protects your boiler, but EVERY water using appliances and pipe throughout your home.

Home Energy Spending
» Heating/Cooling 42%
» Lightning/Appliances 36%
» Water Heating 14%
» Refrigeration 9%

The Costs:
British Water state “If you live in a hard water area, doing nothing to counter the problem is probably the most expensive option”. It reduces the efficiency of your washing machine, showers, taps etc. Limescale can be increasing your overall utility bills by as much as 35%.

Were you aware that just 1mm of Limescale  causes a considerable loss in efficiency? This Limescale build-up can occur after just a few months. How old is your system? How much is Limescale costing you?

It’s not just your energy bills. Limescale not only shortens the life of, irons, washing machines, dishwashers, showers, boilers etc. but it increases their maintenance / repair costs. It makes pumps work harder, restricts the water flow through pipes and can ultimately lead to a complete blockage.

You have thought about Limescale in your Washing Machine, isn’t it time you thought about the rest of your home?

Don’t put up with Limescale any longer. By installing the BIOSTAT-COMBIMAT you are protecting your entire home.

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