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The cornerstone of the company was laid by the founder Julius Dopslaff in 1936 in Düsseldorf. The company name of JUDO was made up of the first two letters of his name.

A senior engineer in the sanitation and heating sector, he involved himself from the very beginning with the treatment of water. His pronounced spirit of invention, together with his processes and patents soon made him an expert much in demand on all questions of water treatment. Through intensive basic research, he set new standards in committees such as the DVGW and VDI.

Always characterised by progress and growth, the history of the company is now being continued with the third generation: Hartmut J. Dopslaff a son of the founder and the grandchild Kathrin Reggi-Dopslaff lead actively and creatively the family company.

The inventor Julius Dopslaff made the breakthrough with the "Impfbiene" (injection bee), which for the first time enabled proportional dosing for the purposes of corrosion protection and hardness stabilisation.


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