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Our Philosophy:
The water technology of today

Even in the most ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures, people began to channel and treat water, to filter and purify it by means of various technical aids.
Water treatment today is a highly-developed science, and is now an indispensable part of our daily lives. JUDO has been a 20th Century pioneer in this technology.

The supreme art of water treatment by our company is governed by a special philosophy, which spans the bridge between a successful past and the technical and social challenges of tomorrow.

Dedicated to the purity law of drinking water
The quality of our daily water is determined not only by the connection to the supply pipes of the waterworks, but also by reliable and hygienic transport within the domestic system. At JUDO, both staff and management are dedicated to keeping water systems clean, hygienic and reliable.

When the best standards for consistently good water have been achieved, when it flows smoothly and reliably to every outlet point, and maintains its high quality, this is true water culture.

Water culture is needed wherever people live and work.

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