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Point-Rotation-System -
highly efficient cleaning system, without interruption to the water supply

The JUDO PROFI series backwash protective filters are screen filter for drinking water systems. The products with a patented cleaning technique protect water pipes, fittings and appliances around the clock.

The stainless steel screen`s silver coating provides optimum prophylactic germ protection.


JUDO Silbersiebelement
Unique Silver Sieve                            
This is a prophylactic protection against germs on the sieve.
Choking the life out of your water pipe
Automatic Limescale Protection with No Chemicals or Salts

If you live in a “Hard Water” area you will be only too aware of Limescale build-up. The bad tasting water, the spitting of scale when we iron, the clogged up shower heads. However, few of us stop and think about the other appliances in our homes. When did you last think about what is happening inside your boiler or heating pipes? Have you ever thought how much Gas or Heating Oil you are wasting every day, every year, by heating BOTH the water in your taps, and the water in your radiators, through a barrier of Limescale?


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